Film exhibitor Manoj Desai blasts Adipurush makers: ‘All the seats are going empty, which one are you reserving for Lord Hanuman in theatres?’ | Hindi Movie News

Director Om Raut‘s mythological film Adipurush has crashed at the box office owing to nationwide backlash over the misrepresentation of the Indian epic Ramayana. And now, Manoj Desai, executive director of Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir Cinema, has lashed out at the makers of Adipurush for playing with the sentiments of the audience.
In his recent interaction, Desai said that his theatres are running near-empty shows of Adipurush.He stated that Adipurush has not arrived but its already gone as our audience as outrightly rejected this film. Since there were no other movies, Desai said that they were running shows with 30-40 people in the cinema hall.
He had expected Adipurush to be housefull since it was based on Ramayana but the movie has fallen flat on everyone’s expectations. He recalled how people used to sit in front of black and white television to watch Ramanand Sagar‘s Ramayana.
Desai then came down hard on the makers of Adipurush. He said that they took Ramayana as a joke and made a mockery of it. “This is definitely not Ramayana. I am under obligation to run this film in my theatre. I am very upset,” he said.

He went on to question Prabhas that how he was in Baahubali and what he has become now. He wondered how could nobody did their homework before delivering such ‘chhapri’ dialogues. He also called out the film’s writer Manoj Muntashir for defending such dialogues in his interview instead of apologising to the audience for hurting their sentiments.
“Maafi maangni chahiye. Lekin inko to bhagwan bhi maaf nahi karega. Inko insaan maaf nahi karega. Inko janta maaf nahi karegi. Ye kahike nahi rahe ye picture ke baad mai likhkar de sakta hu (They should apologise but even the God and humans won’t forgive them. They are finished.),” Desai said.
Talking about Lord Hanuman’s dialogues, he said that if ever Dara Singh, who played Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, was alive, he would have beaten the hell out of Adipurush makers. “All the seats are going empty, which seat are you reserving for Hanuman in theatres, answer me?” Desai said angrily.
He then concluded saying, “Itni bakwas religious film kabhi banana nahi. Kabhi kisike dil se khelna nahi. Yaha tak humare Muslim biradaro ne interview diye hai ke hume ye dekhkar dukh ho raha hai ke Hindu log apni Ramayana thik se bana nahi paaye (Please don’t make such trashy religious film ever. Don’t ever play with anyone’s emotions. Even our Muslim brothers are expressing their sadness that Hindu filmmakers couldn’t make their Ramayana properly).”

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