Rajesh Khattar recalls how a 9-year-old Shahid Kapoor fell in love with a girl in his school: I thought he was going to marry her | Hindi Movie News

Rajesh Khattar recently recalled the time when he was living with his ex-wife Neliima Azeem and stepson Shahid Kapoor. He shared an interesting anecdote about Shahid’s childhood and how the latter had fallen in love with a girl when he was just 9 years old.
In a chat show, Rajesh said that he was like a father figure to Shahid for 11 years. Recalling the incident, he said that Shahid liked a girl in his school, got her photo and placed it in their house. He said that he was very scared and did not know how to handle the situation.
He was boiling after that and he thought that Shahid was going to marry her. However, Neliima calmed him down and told him that it doesn’t work like that. She told Rajesh that if there’s a photo, let it be, it won’t matter later. Rajesh laughed and said that he had a different thought altogether thinking Shahid is such a handsome boy and who was that girl.

Rajesh also shared another anecdote from Shahid’s school days and revealed that he had to score at least 80 percent marks if he wanted to join dance classes at Shiamak Davar. He added that was the only time when Shahid scored such high marks. He said that Shahid was not a bright student and his marks used to be average.
They made one pact and Rajesh had told Shahid that if he gets 80 percent marks then he can do whatever he wants. If not, then he has to listen to them and do what they say. And that was the first time that Shahid scored more than 80.
Rajesh further revealed that whenever he and Shahid catch up, they talk about the times they spent together. He said that Shahid has always been respectful and loving. He praised Shahid for doing brilliantly well and credited his hard work for whatever he has achieved in life.

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