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Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story star Pratik Gandhi has “been a tea person for the longest time”. On International Tea Day, he tells us, “I am very particular about my tea.” Excerpts from a chat:

On the kind of tea he prefers

My favourite tea is what the world refers to as “typical Gujarati chai”-it must have ginger, ghar ka kuta hua masala, lemongrass and pudina. Kaafi log mujhe bolte hain, “Aap log sirf tadka maarna hi baaki rakhte ho chai mein


baaki sab toh daal hi dete ho


I don’t prefer too much of milk in my tea and carry ghar ka masala even on sets.

On his tea memories from his theatre days

I have some fond memories from the days when I was doing theatre in Mumbai. Wahan pe tohcutting chai kasystemhota hai, you get tea in very small cups at regular intervals. But it had too much sugar and it felt like having sugar shots!

On why any conversation about tea reminds him of his father

My father (the late Jayant Gandhi) used to make tea for me every morning. Woh roz subah itni chaah se sab ke liye chai banate thay, and every day he would ask excitedly, “Kaisi bani hai?” Even if I would have a 5.30am flight or I had to leave at 4am for a rehearsal, he would get up before that and make tea for me. He did this for years and it’s a memory that is very close to my heart.

On his favourite accompaniments with chai

Just an hour before sunset, jab halki dhoop hoti hai, I choose a corner of the house where a bit of sunlight trickles in. Sitting there and having tea gives me positive vibes. In the evening, I prefer having something crunchy with tea, be it khakhra, chivda, kurmura or biscuits. Having chai with pohais my favourite morning combo.

On a fun memory associated with tea

While staying at my college hostel (in Jalgaon, Maharashtra), there was this tapriwhere we would getchai for ₹3 and poha for ₹5. So, 8 rupaiya mein subah ka nashtaset ho jaata tha. This guy would start selling tea at 5am. After a while, we realised that after 8.30am, he would empty the jug and prepare fresh tea. So, if someone reached there between 8.30 and 8.45am, he would offer them the tea prepared earlier for free! Hum kaafi baar woh free ki chai peene pahunch jaate thay!

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