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It was strange to read an alleged message to the famous Sameer Wankhede from Shah Rukh Khan saying his son needs reform.
No, Aryan Khan doesn’t need any kind of “reform”. And it is very strange to hear that Shah Rukh has said this, strange and also unconvincing. Shah Rukh is very proud of all his three children, especially his elder son who is like a second-guardian in the Khan family.
Everyone seeks Aryan’s advice in his family. And why only the family? Aryan’s friends and even Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s friends take his advice. To suggest that Shah Rukh would think his son needs reform—even in half-jest or full-desperation—is inconceivable.
It is easy to imagine Aryan Khan as the archetypal bratty star-child with a golden spoon. Shah Rukh never brought up his children to believe they are entitled to behave badly because of his wealth and fame.
“Earn your own place under the sun,” he counsels his kids, and that’s exactly what they are doing. You will never catch Aryan being loud and exhibitionistic in public. On the contrary he shushes all his friends when they start having too much fun in public. He hardly speaks unless spoken to.
He doesn’t smile as it would be misinterpreted as an invitation for a friendly chat, or maybe a selfie. He seldom attends parties—he didn’t want to attend the fateful one where he was trapped either—and when he does, he remains acutely low-profile. He seldom speaks, even at home. And when he does, everyone listens.
And hear this: Aryan stays away from drugs and alcohol. He tells those close to him to stay away from these as well.
No, he doesn’t need reform. This country’s arrogant bureaucracy needs to reform. Just because bureaucrats have access to stars they feel they can get them to do anything they want. But sorry, getting Shah Rukh Khan on his knees, even to get his son out of jail, is not in the realm of the believable.

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