Adah Sharma says she was nervous about showing The Kerala Story to her grandmother owing to gory rape scenes | Hindi Movie News

Adah Sharma is being lauded for her performance in The Kerala Story. Directed by Sudipto Sen, the movie narrates the story of three young women from economically weak families who are forced into marriage, converted to Islam and brainwashed into joining the jihadist organisation ISIS. In a new interview, Adah said that she was apprehensive about showing the film to her 90-year-old grandmother owing to the gory rape scenes.
Speaking to a news portal, Adah said that her mother and her grandmother knew about the story. However, she was nervous about her grandmother’s reaction to rape scenes in the film. She admitted that her grandmother is the strongest member in the house.

After watching the movie, Adah said that her grandmother called The Kerala Story an educational and informative experience. She said that she would want to show the film to all her students. When Adah told her that it is an adult film, her grandmother suggested that it should have been a U/A film so that younger girls could also see it, learn from it and also help them to be more vigilant.
The controversial film has been released in 27 countries and it has collected over Rs 170 crore at the Indian box office. The movie has registered better numbers in the second week and it looks like it will likely go beyong Rs 200 crore mark by next week.

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