“Shah Rukh Khan does not talk like that,” close friend trashes the Sameer Wankhede-SRK chat | Hindi Movie News

Tainted IRS officer and former NCB Chief Sameer Wankhede has now released what he alleges to be a WhatsApp chat with Shah Rukh Khan, where the distraught father is seen pleading for his son Aryan Khan to be released.
We wonder where these chats were lying around (pun intended) all this time and why Mr Wankhede had not made them public earlier when all hell had broken loose with allegations of extortion demands from the Khan family to release their son.
Now, in a very private conversation, a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan rubbishes the authenticity of the chats that Mr Wankhede allegedly had with Shah Rukh Khan.
Says the friend on condition of anonymity, “The chats could not have happened. SRK never uses the WhatsApp. If these chats are authentic then he created a chat box for Mr Wankhede. Is he so stupid as to put himself out there in the public domain? The language used, the pauses, the way the father is seen pleading for his son… are all highly unlikely to be authentic. SRK doesn’t talk like that. When his son was jailed, he contacted no one to get Aryan out. He believed firmly in letting the law takes its course. Night after sleepless night, SRK waited for his son to be released. He did not plead with any government officer for his son’s freedom. He knew Aaryan was innocent. He waited.”

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