April 12, 2024

Uday Chopra on being called an unsuccessful actor: It did affect me a lot


Yash Chopra’s sons Aditya Chopra recorded his first ever interview in decades for docu-series ‘The Romantics’. As it released on the internet today, the shy filmmaker spoke at length about nepotism and Uday Chopra too made a rare appearance after long.
Talking about nepotism, Aditya said, “One of the things that people tend to ignore, is that every person who comes from a privileged background–everyone is not successful. I can articulate it without mentioning other people. I can just articulate it mentioning my own family. My brother is an actor, and he’s not a very successful actor. Here is the son of one of the biggest filmmakers. He’s the brother of a very big filmmaker. Imagine a company like YRF who has launched so many newcomers, we could not make him a star. Why could we not do it for our own? The bottom line is, only an audience will decide ‘I like this person, I want to see this person’. No one else.” He further stated, “Yes, if you are born into a film family, there’s no doubt that there could be an easier in to getting an audition or a break. But it stops there.”

While Uday Chopra spoke about his journey in films and added, “When Dhoom happened, I was still trying to be a mainstream actor. I should have taken Ali as an example and done roles like that.” He went on to stated that he refused a lot of offers because he was ‘trying to get into a space’ that he agreed wasn’t meant for him. “When I started acting, I was very naïve. I thought everyone would like me. I didn’t imagine that people might not like me.” Speaking about being called an unsuccessful actor, and a child of nepotism, Uday said, “It did affect me a lot.”
Aditya Chopra stated that the audience loved Uday in comedy roles but he didn’t want to do those. When Uday was asked if he wants to return to face the camera, he stated that he would do so more as a hobby, that as a career. Uday Chopra was last seen on the big screen in 2013 release ‘Dhoom 3’.

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