Hema Malini confesses as a teenager she felt uncomfortable shooting romantic scenes with Raj Kapoor who was in his 40s | Hindi Movie News

Hema Malini recently recalled shooting for her debut film Sapno Ka Saudagar opposite Raj Kapoor and how as a teenager she felt uncomfortable performing romantic scenes with Raj Kapoor who was in his 40s at that time.
In her recent interview, Hema said that her mother wanted to experience the fame and successs, that she had never seen, through her. Since she had come from an orthodox family, Hema found it very difficult to perform a romantic scene with Raj Kapoor in the film.
On being asked if she had noticed their age gap, Hema said she did but she was also aware of the fact that she was being given an important opportunity of being cast opposite the Greatest Showman.She then shifted her focus and saw Raj Kapoor only as an actor and that he suited the character perfectly. She admitted that she was scared in the beginning but director Mahesh Kaul helped her through the whole situation. To make it easier, Mahesh would explain the emotions behind a scene to Hema via the language of dance.
In the same interview, Hema had also revealed that Raj Kapoor had first offered her a role in Satyam Shivam Sundaram knowing that she wouldn’t do it. Hema’s mother also put her foot down and eventually Hema rejected the film.

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