April 15, 2024

Priyanka Chopra reveals a Bollywood director needed to see her underwear during a stripping scene: It was a dehumanizing moment | Hindi Movie News


Priyanka Chopra sent ripples in the industry when she talked about leaving Bollywood after she was pushed into a corner, had beef with people and being tired of the politics. In a new interview, the global star has recalled her early days when a director wanted to see her underwear while shooting a scene.
She told the popular magazine that the incident happened in the year 2002-03 where she was hired to play a character who goes undercover. She said that she was new to the industry and working with a director she had never met before.
Talking about this particular scene, Priyanka said that since she was playing an undercover agent, she was supposed to seduce a guy. For that, she needed to take off one piece of clothing at a time. She wanted to layer up for the scene but the director said, “No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise why is anybody coming to watch this movie?”

She further added that the director didn’t say it to her but to her stylist in front of her. She called it a dehumanizing moment. She said that she felt like she was nothing else outside of how she can be used. She felt that her art was not important, what she was going to contribute was not important.
After two days of work, Priyanka said that she walked off the film and she paid back the production out of her own pocket for what they had spent. Talking about the director, she said that she couldn’t look at him every day.

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