May 15, 2024

‘Pathaan’ director Siddharth Anand says, ‘If a Shah Rukh Khan film doesn’t work, it’s only the director’s fault’! Here’s why | Hindi Movie News



While ‘Pathaan’ may have created history and now made over 500 crore at the worldwide box-office, the past two months before the release have been largely stressful for the entire team. The director of ‘Pathaan’, Sidharth Anand said at the first event for the film which was held recently that, “Now I dont have any emotion left. Hamare last 2.months were stressful because of the maahol around the film.”
He confessed that he feels quite relieved, now that the film is getting so much love and has done so well. The director made a solid statement about working with Shah Rukh Khan and sent out a message to his fellow film-makers. He said, “Every filmmaker has to earn a SRK film. I got the gift to work with him. I used to always sleep peacefully while releasing every film. But two months before the release of Pathaan, I realised that directing Shah Rukh Khan is a responsibility. He is like clay. ‘Inko joh bologe woh karenge’ (He will do whatever you say). He trusts the director so much. Through that I realised, if the film doesnt work, it is only the director’s fault. Because, he has given you everything that you have asked for!”

Meanwhile, the cast – SRK, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham were all praise for Sidharth Anand. The director also confessed that now that he’s lived up to the expectations at some level with a film with Shah Rukh Khan, he probably does deserve to work with him again and make ‘Pathaan 2’ perhaps.


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