Kriti Sanon: It is important to break the way you look and appear on screen | Hindi Movie News

Not only has she surprised the audience with her acting, but also Kriti Sanon managed to grabbed eyeballs for her looks in her movies. From glamorous in Dilwale, ethnic in Panipat and de-glam in Mimi the actress has gone all out experimenting her looks on screen.
She says, “This is something I got to do with my last film too. The look of my character is such that it stays with people. Bhediya added a feather in my cap. When you see a picture of Dr. Anika (her character in the film), you just make it that it is from Bhediya.”

She adds, “Sometimes it is also important to break the way you look and you come across on screen. However, there are so many people who will tell you, ‘Oh you are an actress, you are a heroine, why would you not be glamorous? You are a glam looking girl why would you de-glam yourself? Why would you go with that short hair on screen?’ So, such opinions and suggestions come from everywhere. But I feel that as actors it is important to look different. Even actors abroad look so different in every film.”

Kriti says that she is not insecure as an actor and would love to experiment even in future. She says, “I am not insecure about the way I look and the way I am presented. So, I like to mix it up, which I am doing, like my upcoming film has me in a great look.”

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