Javed Akhtar speaks on quitting drinking, says there is no bigger addiction than living | Hindi Movie News

Javed Akhtar who is known to be a straight forward person in life recently opened up on how he managed to quit drinking. Recalling his excessive drinking habit in the past the celebrated lyricist admitted that he would have died an untimely death if he couldn’t check on his alcoholism.
Speaking at an interview Javed confessed that he used to drink for pleasure, and not because he was trying to cope with any grief. He further adds that he wasn’t drowning any sorrow in it. But he finally realized if things go like this and he can’t quit drinking then he would die by 52-53.

The acclaimed writer recalled how on July 31, 1991 he drank a big bottle of rum and from August 1, he quit drinking completely. Javed confirms that since then he hasn’t even enjoyed a sip of champagne in all these years. When asked how he managed to do it Javed insists that willpower is nothing. It is actually the intensity of desire and according to him the biggest addiction is living and there is no bigger addiction than living.
This is not the first time Javed Akhtar has spoken openly about his struggle with alcoholism. In 2012, at Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyameva Jayate’ he had said, “I started drinking at a very young age of 19. When I came to Bombay after completing my graduation I started drinking with friends and later it became a habit. Earlier I didn’t have enough money, but then after my success, money flow was also taken care of. Then came a time when I would drink one bottle a day.”

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