June 15, 2024

Shaadisthan review and budget- Kirti Kulhari



Shaadisthan movie review


The name of the movie we are going to review today is Shaadisthan. Actress Kirti Kulhari appeared in the lead role in this movie. The movie is one of the light-hearted movies. Disney has released Hotstar Nice. Although the movie was released on 11th June. But the chance to see it happened Last Friday Night on 25th June. Anyway, there are many Disney Hotstar movies that were not promoted much. This is one of those movies.
Shaadisthan movie cast: Kirti Kulhari, Medha Shankar, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Shenpenn Khymsar, Apurv Dogra, Ajay Jayanthi, Kay Kay Menon
Shaadisthan movie director: Raj Singh Chaudhary

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E3 Rating: 6.5 / 10

Shaadisthan Movie Storyline:

Two unique universes meet, fall to pieces and finally consolidate flawlessly. Looks lovely, and is conceivable what was expected of Shadisthan featuring Kirti Kulhari, Nivedita Bhattacharya and Kay Menon. However, the result is a rather tyrannical and humiliating lesson in an attempt to destroy the male-centred culture. Shadisthan narrates a journey undertaken by an eclectic family who needs to marry off their 17-year-old girl. On outings, they have a melodious band to outfit. They are calm and restless, and they couldn’t care less about society’s standards as Kirti Kulhari’s persona Sasha might like to tell you. She barely smiles in the movie – she’s terrific about decay in the public sphere.

Shaadisthan‘s Best Dialogue : “Hum jaisi auratein ladaai karti hai taaki aap jaisi auraton ko apni duniya mein ladaai na karni pade.” (Women like us fight so that women like you don’t have to fight in your own world.) 

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Shaadisthan movie Rating by other websites:

Bollywood Hungama : No Rating Yet

Jack Race : No Rating Yet

First Post: 0.25 / 5

Shaadisthan movie budget

BudgetLess Than 05.00 Crore**
ScreensDirectly Released on Hotstar without any release in theatres

Shaadisthan Trailer:

Shaadisthan Official Trailer | Kirti Kulhari 
Friends, good music, some drama, Rona-dhona and good vibes always! All aboard on the Shaadisthan van!

Shaadisthan offical Trailer : Click Here

This is the class movie for those who love light and message giving movies

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Shaadisthan movie Cast and crew

Director: Raj Singh ChaudharyStar CastKirti Kulhari, Kay Kay Menon, Medha Shankar, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Sanjay Dadhich, Rajan Modi, And Others

Language: Hindi

Genre: Road-Trip

Release Date : 11 June 2021 [Disney+ Hotstar]
Producer: Anant Roongta, Sanjay Shekhar ShettyProduction Company: Famous Digital Studios, Opticus
Writer: Raj Singh Chaudhary, Kartik Chaudhry, Nishank Verma
Distributors: Disney+ Hotstar
Executive Producer: Sada Bhuvad
Line Producer: Satyawan Parab
Music Director: Nakul Sharma
Cinematography: Sushil Rajpal
Editor: Aarti Bajaj
Production Design : Wasiq Khan
Status: Released

Google Audience reviews:

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Gita AMa week ago    

Rating 7/10

I watched Shaadisthan by chance, on Disney Hotstar in orig. Hindi w/Eng. subs.  Wasn't expecting very much but the film held my interest and turned out to be quite a good watch, with some catchy music except for the opening band number.

A conservative Rajasthani family in Mumbai (Nivedita Bhattacharya : wife; husband: Rajan Modi; daughter Arshi : actor unknown) have missed their flight to Ajmer where they are going for Arshi's cousin's wedding.  Because Arshi who is to get engaged  ...MORE

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Jovy Joyson Akkarapatya week ago    

Shaadisthan Hindi Film  A Road Journey Musical Fun Filled Entertainer Film With Music, Singing, Band and Its Lifestyle. The Way They Presented Its Various Culture,  Various Tradition and its Style Where they Travelling From Mumbai To Rajasthan Udaipur Its Arrangements and Its Lifestyle is Such a Beautiful Journey In The Shaadisthan Film as Well.
Performances- Kirti Kulkarani Medha Shankar, Niveditha Bha SheynnPen Khymasar Apruv Dogra Ajay Jayanthi Kay Kay Menon, Lovely and Great Performances By  ...MORE

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ankana chakraborty2 weeks ago    

What struck a cord with me is the character of Kamala Sharma, played by Nivedita Bhattacharya. 

There’s so much we take for granted, as privileged urban women. This movie is a heart touching story of the ever-persistent tussle between the new and the old, the silently screaming urge to break away. The dilemma of a woman conditioned to unconditionally care for and support the male dominance; shackled all her life in perpetual fear of a reprimand, seeking permission to just be, despite never bein ...

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Esha Sonkusale3 days ago    

Something new and interesting, though story being quite simple, I enjoyed it. The nuances of the film makes it enjoyable and watchable. Catchy music and its simplicity just is something fresh in bollywood than the convectional movies. at times there were some kidish scenes and dialogues and some loopholes but overall I enjoyed

 The fact that people are saying that this shouldn't be shown to youth as it passes wrong message I feel that these people need to grow up and see the world around them.  ..

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Vinod Kumara week ago    

Great, lovely movie. Very true aspects of societal issues depicted with subtle dialogs and statements and some strong ones too. The newer generations vs the societal attachments and conformists nature of older generation without too much of nonsense. The girl's father well played making you feel very annoyed with him and girl's mother (Nivedita B.) so calmly responding to the stronger statements by Kirti's character. Kirti as usual is being assertive depicting the newer

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