June 16, 2024
Sherni Movie Review

Sherni Movie Review

Sherni Cast OTT and Box Office Collection

Sherni – Another Vidya Balan movie.

I was so excited to watch this movie and due to some reason it took long time to watch this Vidya balan’s Sherni movie. I was thinking that Vidya will be real sherni in this movie and end of the day i have found that this movie is to save or kill a Real Sherni T12.

Here is some exiciting facts of this movie.

Base Storyline

A jaded forest officer (Vidya Balan) leads a team of trackers and locals intending to capture an unsettled tigress, while battling intense obstacles and pressures, both natural and man-made.

Star Cast and Crew

Directors:Amit Masurkar

Starring:Vidya Balan, Sharat Saxena, Vijay Raaz


Subtitles: English [CC], Filipino,Bahasa Melayu

Audio languages: हिन्दी

Vidya Balan as Vidya Vincent

Sharat Saxena as Ranjan Rajhans aka Pintu

Vijay Raaz as Hassan Noorani

Ila Arun as Pawan’s mother

Brijendra Kala as Bansal

Neeraj Kabi as Nangia

Mukul Chadda as Pawan

Amar Singh Parihar as MLA G K Singh

Satyakam Anand as P K Singh

Anoop Trivedi as Pyare Lal

Gopal Datt as Saiprasad

Suma Mukundan as Vidya’s mother

Nadim Husain as Forest Guard/Shooter

Nidhi Diwan as Reshma

Sampa Mandal as Jyoti

Hot Neha Sharma

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Stunning Kirti Kulhari

Is Sherni a real life story?

Sherni is loosely based on the story of the tigress ‘Avni’, and the tragic consequences of human-wildlife conflict that saw a toll of 13 humans and one tiger in Maharashtra between 2016 and 2018. As a conservation scientist, I heartily congratulate Masurkar and his team for really doing their homework

What is Sherni picture?

Image result for Sherni

The film premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 18 June 2021. The film deals with the subjects like human–wildlife conflict and wildlife conservation.

Is Sherni a good movie?

Ultimately, Masurkar’s potent film about wildlife conservation and maintaining the ecological balance leaves you with a haunting message even as you soak in the sublime beauty of the forests. ‘Sherni’ makes for an intense, intriguing film and is a must-watch.

How long is the movie?

2h 10m Sherni / Running time

Sherni Hit or Flop

As of now, the official sold price of Sherni has not revealed by makers. In the OTT Platform a film can be Hit or Flop only the viewership count of this film, and how popular is the film among audiences.

Budget₹ 12.00 Crore
Domestic Nett₹ N/A
Domestic Gross₹ N/A
Overseas Collection₹ N/A
Worldwide Gross₹ N/A
Final Verdict N/A

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