June 13, 2024

Nora Fatehi on ‘Sexy In My Dress’: “I can’t wait…” – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News



Nora Fatehi is getting ready to launch her new International single ‘Sexy In My Dress’ . It’s just 3 days away. The song will go online on Friday, June 23.
Nora’s music videos are known to garner millions of views and are often full of high-octane beats, immaculate choreography and impeccable fashion sense.
So what’s the new excitement in her life about? Well, her next single is titled ‘Sexy In My Dress’.And no prizes for guessing, it will have oodles of oomph. And, like she turned singer in her previous international singles- ‘Pepeta‘, ‘Arabic Dilbar‘ and ‘Dirty Little Secret’, Nora has lent her voice to this one too. The FIFA World Cup 2022 closing anthem also was sung by Nora.
Nora shares with ETimes, “I’m really excited to announce my international solo single ‘Sexy in my Dress’ which I sang and produced the music video for! It’s a fun, flirty summer jam with some great dance choreography! The teaser is out now and I can’t wait to release the official music video on my YouTube channel on June 23. A lot went behind the making of the song and the visuals.”
Added Nora, “This one is however different for me because it marks my first ever solo singing project and so frankly, I can’t wait to see how the fans respond to it.”


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