June 17, 2024

Leaving ‘Asur 2’ open-ended was a deliberate choice: Gaurav Shukla



It was after a break of nearly three years that the second season of ‘Asur’ arrived. Despite the bombardment of content on OTT, fans of the series returned for a second helping of their favourite characters, seeking a conclusion. ‘Asur’ season 2 was packed with revelations but left the audience on tenterhooks with its inconclusive ending. Writer, producer Gaurav Shukla spills the beans on creating a befitting sequel and what’s more in store.
What took Asur 2 so long?
As a producer, I did experience some delays, which contributed to the longer wait for its release.The writing process took the usual 6 to 7 months, during which we meticulously crafted the intricate storyline and developed the complex characters that viewers have come to love. We faced two waves of the pandemic within a year’s time, which impacted the shooting schedule and that had a domino effect on everything like the actor’s dates, the shooting locations etc. Our priority was also the safety of the crew and the necessary precautions threw us off our timelines.
Also, Asur Season 2 incorporated an extensive amount of visual effects (VFX) shots, requiring meticulous attention to detail in every episode. This was an additional layer of complexity to the post-production process, contributing to the overall time required for completion. Additionally, the show’s popularity and global reach meant that it needed to be dubbed in multiple languages to cater to a wider audience. This dubbing process also took its deserved amount of time.
Despite the challenges and delays we encountered along the way, we are proud of the final product and believe that the wait will be worth it for our viewers.
Were there any tweaks that you made to the script?
There were no major changes in the original script once it was locked. However, during the shooting process, there were times where minor tweaks were made to overcome challenges faced by the director and the actors. It was a collaborative effort between the creative team and the actors to bring the vision to life while maintaining the essence of the script.


Was the ending always supposed to be unfinished?
The decision to leave the ending of Asur season 2 open-ended was a deliberate creative choice. The story of Kali and Kalki is rooted in mythology, and we wanted to stay true to its timeless nature. By keeping Kali’s story unresolved, we aimed to capture the essence of its eternal existence beyond the boundaries of this era. While we provided emotional conclusions for characters like Nikhil, DJ, and Nusrat, we wanted to maintain the intrigue and mystique surrounding Kali’s journey. This decision was made to spark discussions and allow viewers to interpret and imagine the continuation of her story, keeping the mythological aspect alive.
Did you have any apprehensions about releasing the show after such a long break?
Yes, we did have some initial apprehensions. Our concerns revolved around whether the audience would be able to connect with the unique combination of AI and mythology that we explored in Asur season 2. However, fortunately, over the last six months, the topic of AI has become a mainstream conversation, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us as this worked in our favor and the audience could relate to the narrative that was around the topic of AI. We were delighted to see how viewers embraced and enjoyed the blend of AI and mythology, and it further reinforced our belief in the story we had crafted.
Since the conclusion is open-ended, are there any plans for Asur 3?
For me, the decision to create a new season of a show is not solely driven by the pressure around it due to its popularity. I will be more than happy to make it if I have an idea that I am genuinely excited and convinced about. I firmly believe in maintaining creative integrity and delivering content that truly resonates with both myself as the creator and the audience. As of now, I don’t have a concrete plan or a great idea for season 3 of Asur. I will wait until the right concept emerges, one that truly excites me and aligns with the vision I have for the show. I would rather wait and ensure that any future season lives up to the high standards set by the previous ones. Therefore, I can confidently say that there is nothing currently in development for Asur season 3. I remain committed to pursuing projects that ignite my creative passion and deliver exceptional storytelling.


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