June 16, 2024

Inspector Rishi 2024 Best Web series on Prime video


Inspector Rishi Web series on Prime video

Inspector Rishi is a very suspenseful web series which is also available in Hindi on Amazon Prime Video. The main story starts with a ghost named Vanrachi. Because this is the story of villages surrounded by forests, many people get to see scary scenes.

That sounds right up my alley! Inspector Rishi definitely seems like a web series I would enjoy. Here’s what I can gather from what you’ve said:

  • Genre: Inspector Rishi is a suspenseful horror crime drama.

  • Plot: The story revolves around Inspector Rishi Nandhan, a skeptic who investigates a series of bizarre murders in a mountain village blamed on a forest spirit named Vanaratchi.

  • Language: You mentioned it’s available in Hindi on Amazon Prime Video, so it likely offers other regional language dubs alongside the original Tamil.

  • Setting: The series takes place in villages surrounded by forests, which adds to the spooky atmosphere.

  • If you like Inspector Rishi, you might also enjoy other horror web series like “[Haunt The Web Series]” or “[Betaal (Netflix web series)]”.

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Inspector Rishi Nandhan: A sharp and skeptical crime branch inspector sent to investigate the mysterious murders. He relies on logic and evidence to solve cases.
Sub-Inspectors Ayyanar and Chitra:

Rishi’s dependable assistants. Ayyanar might have some local knowledge and beliefs that could be helpful, while Chitra might bring a more scientific approach.

The Villagers: Filled with fear and suspicion due to the killings. Some might be helpful, while others might hold onto their own theories about the Vanaratchi.
The Vanaratchi (optional): Depending on the series’ take, the Vanaratchi could be a vengeful spirit from local folklore or a clever killer using the legend as a cover.
Story Arcs (potential):

The Investigation: Unraveling the truth behind the murders. This could involve forensic analysis, interviews with the villagers, and exploring the legends surrounding the Vanaratchi.

The Supernatural: If the series leans more towards horror, Rishi might encounter genuine paranormal activity or be forced to question his logical approach.
Personal Struggles: The characters might have their own personal demons to face alongside the supernatural threat.


Belief vs. Skepticism: The clash between Inspector Rishi’s logic and the villagers’ faith in the Vanaratchi.
Man vs. Nature: The dangers and secrets harbored by the forest surrounding the village.
Facing the Unknown: The unsettling nature of unexplained events and the fear of the supernatural.


While Inspector Rishi is a relatively new series (premiering in March 2024), you can find reviews online to see what other viewers thought. Some might praise the show’s suspense and atmosphere, while others might find the plot predictable.

Finding Inspector Rishi:

Since you mentioned it’s in Hindi on Amazon Prime Video, there’s a good chance it offers subtitles or dubs in other regional languages. You can search for the series title on the platform to confirm availability and language options.

Let me know if you’d like to explore recommendations for similar horror web series, or if you have any specific questions about the characters, plot, or themes of Inspector Rishi.

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