June 17, 2024

Exclusive! Radhika Madan: I didn’t use TV as a stepping stone to get into films | Hindi Movie News



Radhika Madan found herself in controversy, not once but twice, after she spoke about her experiences of working in the television industry. The actress who began her journey in showbiz with the TV show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (2014) got trolled for the first time when she spoke about the hardships she faced while doing the show, and later, she got further flak when according to people she did a ‘U-turn’ by talking about the positive aspects of working in the television industry.

‘People were reacting to half information, it was heartbreaking’

Talking to us about how it all unfolded, Radhika says, “People were reacting to half information. They had not even heard the question that I was asked (during the interview). It is so heartbreaking. I was asked, ‘Why did I quit television?’ and so I told the truth. I stand by my words and will always share what led to the transition. Surprisingly, I have been saying the same thing since my first film Pataakha (2018). I have no idea why this time around it created such a stir! About the U-turn, I will praise TV for all the good it did for me. It made me who I am. It is the best acting school that you can ask for. If you have done television, you can do anything in the world.”

TV builds your endurance, whereas shooting for a movie feels like a luxury

Speaking about her choice to focus on films and web projects, she explains, “Shooting for a TV builds your endurance, whereas shooting for movies feels like a luxury. I require time to do a lot of prep and I need a certain amount of time for rest and recovery. So, I just prefer the other medium (films/OTT). That doesn’t mean one is better than the other. I hope people respect my choice. If I am not judging anybody’s opinion, I don’t expect to be judged either.”

Radhika Madan

Radhika Madan

Performing becomes a part of your muscle memory on television’

On being trolled for using TV as a stepping stone, Radhika says, “I never dreamed of becoming an actor. I was spotted on social media, called for an audition, and put in front of the camera (for the show). I kept learning while working on the show and eventually, I found my calling. It wasn’t a planned move. I didn’t use TV as a stepping stone to get into films. I only outgrew it. Maybe I am not capable of performing on the go and it doesn’t creatively satisfy me.”

‘I am grateful for the fame, but fortunately, I didn’t get attached to it’

Sharing her thoughts about TV as a medium, she concludes saying, “TV is a medium that reaches the masses, it gets a lot of love, and I have experienced that love. If I continued doing TV shows, I would have bought a house much before I did. I got popular overnight because of television. I am grateful for the fame, but fortunately, I didn’t get attached to it. Instead, I got attached to my craft and that is something nobody can take away from me.”


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