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June 10, 2024

Taimur: Kareena Kapoor Khan talks about howling in the hospital room over Taimur being viciously attacked online: We just believed in naming our child just a beautiful name



Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan had faced the wrath of netizens when they named their first son Taimur. People felt they named their son after a Turkish invader. In a new interview, Kareena has once again talked about how she was howling in the hospital room because of how viciously her son was being attacked online.
“I don’t think any mother or any child has to go through that,” Kareena told The Indian Express.She still finds it puzzling and don’t know for what reason they were attacked because nobody is meant to offend anyone or do anything. “I think we have freedom of speech, freedom of what we want to do, at least bothSaif and me believe that very strongly,” she added.
She explained that Taimur means ‘Iron Man’ and she liked the sound of that. She shared that the name of Saif’s first childhood friend was Taimur and he thought that if he ever has a son, he would want to name him Taimur because he always really liked his name. And that’s exactly how Taimur was named.Kareena also clarified that Taimur was not in reference to any historical figure or has no sort of resemblance to anything or anyone. She said that she was in a bit of a shock when the trolling started but they decided to stay silent about it.
“But luckily, I think because of us being strong and resilient and silent, I think it just kind of died down. He was the most photographed child for what reason I have no idea,” she added.
She recalled the controversy as a traumatic and very difficult time but she and Saif managed to handle it with a lot of dignity because they never spoke about it. She said that they just believed in naming their child just a beautiful name.
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