June 13, 2024

Suniel Shetty apologises for his statement on the soaring prices of tomatoes: Farmers are an important part of my life | Hindi Movie News



A few days ago, Suniel Shetty had expressed his worries about the soaring prices of tomatoes and how it has impacted his kitchen forcing them to consume less tomatoes. After his statement became a talking point on social media, Suniel has now apologised to the farmers for unintentionally hurting their sentiments.
Speaking to a news portal, Suniel said that he is hurt by negativity on social media surrounding his statement.He insisted that his words were misunderstood and taken out of context. He added that he genuinely support farmers and can’t even think of having a negative perception of them.
He further said that he has always worked with farmers support and wants all of us to promote desi products and farmers to benefit from it. He mentioned that farmers are an important part of his life since being a hotelier, he has a direct connection with them.”If any of my statements, which I haven’t even said, have hurt them, I genuinely apologize. I can’t even think of speaking against them, even in my dreams. Please don’t misquote my statement. I can’t say anything more on this matter,” Suniel said.
Earlier, Suniel had said that his wife Mana Shetty prefers to buy vegetables for a day or two to ensure freshness. But the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes has affected their kitchen as well. He is eating fewer tomatoes these days.


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