June 17, 2024

“It’s not a propaganda film”: ‘Ajmer 92’ director Pushpendra Singh | Hindi Movie News



Filmmaker Pushpendra Singh‘s upcoming directorial ‘Ajmer 92‘ has been embroiled in controversy ever since he announced the project.
The film shows how several minor girls committed suicide after being raped in the city of Ajmer in 1992. However, several claimed that the film portrays a specific community in a bad light.
On facing backlash, Pushpendra told ANI, “We are facing a lot of problems to release this film.Many people think that the film is against a particular community but it is not true. It is not a propaganda film. We are just trying to show what our girls faced. We are trying to show their pain through our film. Our intention is not to hurt the sentiments of people.”

On Monday, the makers unveiled the film’s trailer.
The description of the trailer on YouTube reads, ”The gripping trailer encapsulates the suicides of several minor girls who are raped, leading to widespread panic and hysteria. The story revolves around how grief-stricken girls are blackmailed by powerful men. Ajmer-92′ aspires to ignite a sense of empowerment within women, encouraging them to break their silence and bravely speak out against any form of atrocity.”
‘Ajmer 92’ stars Karan Verma and Sumit Singh in the lead role. It will hit the screens on July 21.


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