June 17, 2024

Gulshan Devaiah jokes he would ask Tamannaah Bhatia, ‘Mujhe nahi chuna, unhe (Vijay Varma) choose kiya’ | Hindi Movie News



Gulshan Devaiah had been hinting at Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia‘s relationship much before the couple made it official. During the promotional event of Dahaad, Gulshan was seen teasing Vijay about his relationship with Tamannaah a lot. And it seems like Gulshan isn’t done with pulling Vijay’s leg as yet.

In his recent interview to a publication, when Gulshan was asked if he ever gets a chance, what would he ask Tamannaah about, he said that they would have spoken about Vijay.

He said that they would have further discussed about things like, ‘Mujhe nahi chuna, unhe choose kiya (You didn’t choose me, you chose him).’
Gulshan then clarified that he is just joking about all these stuffs and he would love to see both Vijay and Tamannaah happy together. He also mentioned that he hasn’t met Tamannaah at all and they have never spoken to each other.

Earlier, Gulshan had opened up about teasing Vijay. When he was asked about his desire (tamannaah) that he wants to fulfill, Gulshan had told Etimes, “Tamannaayen to aati jati hai. Kuch puri ho jati hai, kuch adhuri reh jati hai (laughs). But Vijay ka sath marte dam tak hai. Humara pyaar amar hai (laughs). I keep pulling his leg a lot. He also keeps pulling my leg. We have deep mutual respect and admiration for each other. When he does a good job, gets praised, I am very happy. And similarly, he gets a lot of happiness when I get praised. This is our relationship. We enjoy working with each other. We are friends. We say good things about each other. We are happy in each other’s success. And that’s it. So much fun goes on.”


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