June 13, 2024

Govind Namdev reveals his dialogues and scenes in OMG 2 were chopped due to fear of hurting people’s sentiments: ‘Khub kainchiyaan chali hain’ | Hindi Movie News



Akshay Kumar‘s OMG 2 has been making headlines ever since it received an A (Adults Only) certificate from the censor board. The movie has received positive response from the audience and critics alike and people are liking the sensitive portrayal of sex education in schools. However, Govind Namdev recently revealed that a lot of his dialogues and scenes were chopped in the editing room as the makers were concerned about not hurting people’s sentiments.
Khub kainchiyaan chali hain (A lot of my role was edited). The fear was that nothing wrong should happen with anything that is shown (in the movie). Kahin uska reaction galat nahi ho jaaye film ke saath, ye kar kar ke, bohot saare dialogues, bohot saare scenes, bohot saare reactions, sab kat te chale gaye (They were concerned that film shouldn’t show anything that hurts anybody’s sentiments, so a lot of my dialogues, scenes and reactions were removed),” he told Bollywood Hungama.

However, Govind is not bothered about the less screen time and his character getting completely ruined in OMG 2 as long as it has a significant effect on the viewers. “But since people liked the film, I have no regrets about my dialogues and scenes being cut. Mera poora character hi bigad gaya (My entire character got ruined). But whatever I got is enough for me. For me, even one scene is enough. If what we are doing is creating an impact, then that is enough,” he added.

In his Facebook post, Govind had slammed the CBFC for giving OMG 2 an A certificate. He had taken a dig at the censor board saying that they should’ve applied some brain while assessing a pathetic film like Adipurush but instead they diverted all their brains in chopping a thoughtful and progressive film like OMG 2.


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