June 17, 2024

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh FINALLY release wedding video 5 Years after tying the knot in Italy: WATCH | Hindi Movie News



Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are unlocking the vault to give us the first glimpses into their fairytale wedding, almost 5 long years after tying the knot.
Fans of the couple were in for a pleasant surprise when the video from their romantic wedding at Lake Como, Italy, was released online, offering everyone a first look into the hush-hush ceremony.
While DP and Ranveer previously released photos from their big day, this wedding video takes us behind the scenes from the altar to the dance floor.The clip also features Deepika and Ranveer spilling their heart about each other. That’s not all, their dads join in to give their comments on the couple’s love story that call “Destiny.”

The clip starts with Ranveer raising a toast to his wife saying, “if six years back, you told me, ‘Son, one day you will marry Deepika Padukone!’ I’d be like ‘Have you gone crazy? Ek woh din that aur who aaj hai! Taaliya. Kuch to sahi kiya life me.”
Prakash Padukone then takes the hot seat as visuals from the wedding flash in the montage. “He’s very fond of her,” daddy Padukone says and adds, “He is exactly the opposite of our family. We are all very quiet. But, I think it is a good change because I think we are a very boring family.”
The video then cuts to Ranveer’s father, Jagjit Singh Bhavnani also sharing his thoughts on the couple and their union. He was asked whether he would believe it if someone told him that his son would marry Deepika one day. Jagjit replies saying, “If you told him, he wouldn’t have believed it (laughs). And if you told her, she wouldn’t have wanted it.”
“Destiny!” he says and adds, “It’s all scripted. It’s the most amazing amazing scriptwriter writing this script somewhere.”
The blushing bride Deepika also sat on the hot seat and wore her heart on her sleeve as she answered questions about her husband to be. “I was attracted to the person that most of the world had not seen. There’s a quiet side to him and there’s a very intelligent and sensitive side to him. I love the fact that he cries and I love the fact that he was all heart.”
“When all the ceremonies were done, something changed. Suddenly there’s a sense of belonging and responsibility that makes it just solid. You feel complete,” she says and smiles.
The clip has gone viral online, with many fans already calling it the “BEST WEDDING VIDEO!”
One wrote, “This wedding video was shot and made 5years back yet had it been released as a brand new video, would still be one of the best wedding videos to ever exist. The emotional aspects captured are spot on!”
“It’s seriously THE most stunningly, beautifully, intimate wedding video I’ve EVER SEEN!” said another.
After watching the dreamy video, another commented, “The fact that Deepika met Ranveer when she did makes you believe in destiny.”


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