June 13, 2024

BTS V stalker case progresses to prosecution; BIGHIT MUSIC enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy | K-pop Movie News



BTS‘s V recently found himself at the centre of a concerning situation involving an alleged stalker, a woman in her 20s. Now, the case has taken a serious turn, as the accused woman is set to face prosecution, highlighting the gravity of the circumstances surrounding the idol.
The investigation, initiated on November 8, has led to charges under the Anti-Stalking Act and trespassing.The accused woman allegedly engaged in intrusive behaviour, waiting outside V’s residence, following him to the apartment parking lot, and confronting him in an elevator on October 26. During the encounter, she expressed a desire to marry V before swiftly departing. Identification of the accused was facilitated through on-site security reports and personal information disclosed during her marriage declaration. Notably, the woman has a reported history of stalking V in the past.
BIGHIT MUSIC, the agency representing V, has strongly emphasised a zero-tolerance policy toward stalking crimes that compromise the artist’s privacy and safety.
In response to concerns, V reassured his fans on the fan platform Weverse, stating, “I’m fine, and everything is okay. Don’t worry about it”. This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by artists like V, prompting industry-wide concern about the invasion of privacy by certain individuals, despite measures taken to ensure safety and security.
BTS members have previously expressed distress and apprehension about the intrusive behaviour of ‘Sasaeng fans’, who continuously breach their privacy by relentlessly following them. In August, Jungkook addressed the issue urgently, urging fans not to send food to his residence and expressing concern about the widespread availability of celebrities’ personal information.
The incident involving V brings to light the alarming extent to which personal information about celebrities is readily accessible, emphasising the urgent need for measures to safeguard artists’ privacy and well-being in an era where such unwelcome intrusion into their private lives has become a growing concern.


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