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June 10, 2024

BTS’ RM wants to visit India; opens up on his military service and recent injury | K-pop Movie News



Indian fans of BTS’ RM are in for a treat as the singer recently expressed his interest in visiting the country! During a live session on Weverse, RM opened up about his wish to explore India and also spoke about his military service and recent injury.
“Yeah, I want to visit India too someday. Why not?” reacted RM when a fan asked the singer which country he wanted to visit to feel relaxed.He also namedSwitzerland and Iceland and added, “Do I want to do Bon Voyage again? Absolutely.”
When RM was asked about his driver’s license, he quipped, “Not yet but after military service. 1.5 months left till the end of the year? Why is time going by so fast?” RM aka Namjoon also opened up about a scar on his face and shared, “Yeah these are all bruises. I think there might be a scar left. (Pointing around the area between nose and mouth) I have one scar here from when I was younger. My eye? I got about five stitches. I was filming something and the camera was too close so it slid against that area and so I had to stop filming and go right to the hospital but I’m fine now.” RM also promised fans that they will get to know real soon about his next project and quipped, “Surprises are always really good.”


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