June 13, 2024

BTS member V lauds his dog Yeontan for being the first ever K-pup artist



BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung had a live music show performance recently. He performed two tracks from his solo debut album ‘Layover‘. The initial posters of the song also featured his dog ‘Yeontan‘ with him. V performed on his songs ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Love Me Again’ and he took his pet dog along with him on stage. But fans were left in awe as they saw what happened.
Throughout his performance, Yeontan was on stage with V, just curiously looking at his with his puppy eyes.Since then, netizens have celebrated by congratulating BTS’ V’s pet. Some even joked about Yeontan making his debut. Hence, now, V took to Instagram to hail Yeontan on making his K-pup debut. He shared a screenshot from his performance.

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Yeontan, affectionately known as ‘Tannie‘, has been a beloved member of BTS’ extended family since 2017. A while ago, in a recent Pixid episode, V had revealed that his pet dog Yeontan has a heart issue and has undergone two surgeries. He had shared, “I have a pet Pomeranian named Kim Yeontan. He’s been with me for 7 years.” Later, he revealed, “Tan has a bad heart and had surgery twice. But both times it was unsuccessful. Every time it was unsuccessful, he could have died during the surgery. But his will kept him alive. I was so grateful that he fought for his life.”
Since, Yeontan is quite popular on social media and hence fans were worried about this dog’s health. However, as V had revealed, he has a strong will and that’s why he lived and will live.


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