“You can’t mess around with the Ramayan,” says Vindoo Dara Singh, son of Dara Singh who immortalised the Hanuman character on-screen | Hindi Movie News

The late much-loved Dara Singh who was the face of Lord Hanuman after he played the character in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan would have been very sad to see what has been done to Valamiki’s epic in Om Raut’s Adipurush.
“You can’t mess around with the Ramayan,” says Dara Singh’s son Vindoo Dara Singhwho took over Hanuman’s mantle after his father’s death. “It is a very sensitive subject and it’s very close to our hearts.Ever since the film released, I’ve been getting calls and messages about why I am not Hanuman in Adipurush. I can’t answer that. Maybe they thought I was too old to play Hanuman. But Hanuman is ageless.”
Besides, says Vindoo, he wouldn’t have done Adipurush even if it was offered to him. “In any case I am very particular about doing anything based on the Ramayan. I don’t want to be abused later on for what I do. So even if I had been offered Adipurush I don’t think I’d have done it. On social media they are saying that the clothes are all wrong, too sexy or something. You have to be very careful while doing the Ramayan. People are very attached to it. It is very dangerous to play around with the Ramayan.”
Vindoo rightly thinks his father Dara Singh has become the onscreen face of Hanuman. “I can say that my father is the screen avatar of Hanuman. When you think of Hanuman, his face comes in front of you. After him I’ve been playing Hanuman. In fact a few days ago I played Hanuman again at Siri Fort. I got thunderous applause again.”
Vindoo has been busy shooting for a web series. “So I have not had the opportunity to see Adipurush. But the point is, when you do the Ramayan everyone should be loving and appreciating it, not abusing it. It is very sad.”

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