April 15, 2024

Vikram Bhatt reveals the song ‘Ae Kya Bolti Tu’ from Ghulam was not originally created by Jatin-Lalit; says, ‘Nitin Raikar is the man behind it’ – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News


Aamir Khan and Rani Mukerji starrer Ghulam completed 25 years of release yesterday. The film became a cult hit and one of the songs Ae Kya Bolti Tu which was sung by Aamir himself had become a rage back then. Speaking to ETimes, the films director Vikram Bhatt revealed how the song, that was not originally a part of the film, got incorporated into the film.
Bhatt revealed the name of the person who originally introduced the song to them. “Actually, the film was completed. We were shooting a sequence called Dus Dus Ki Daud at Sanpada station. That was the last sequence to be shot. It was January. I remember, it was pretty cold and there was an actor by the name of Javed who played Aamir’s friend in Ghulam. He had a friend called Nitin Raikar. Nitin used to have these strange songs that he used to make and kind of regale everybody. So, I was shooting and Aamir was not in the shot so he and a couple of others were listening to Nitin’s songs. There were some other songs as well. Then Aamir said, ‘Vicky, Vicky, Vicky, you must listen to this song!’ So I came and Nitin sang the song Ae Kya Bolti Tu. I laughed and said this is really funny.”
Bhatt further revealed that it was Aamir who suggested to incorporate the song in the film even though it was already completed. “Aamir said that we must have this song in the film. I said, ‘Aamir, where will we add this song? The film is complete yaar.’ Then we were thinking where to put it. There was a scene where Rani Mukerji is slapped by her father. We had shot 2-3 scene after that where Aamir and Rani get to know each other. So, I said, ‘We can remove those scenes and put this song’. That idea was good and we were excited to do it.”
It was Bhatt who suggested that Aamir should sing it because it’s a scene song. “He was reluctant at first but then he started practicing,” revealed Bhatt. “Everyday, when we used to come back from Sanpada to Bombay in the morning, he used to sing this song. And Aamir being the perfectionist that he is, he did it. This song is credited to Jatin-Lalit which is not right. It is Nitin Raikar’s song. He is the man behind it, not Jatin-Lalit. They arranged the song, sure. But it is Nitin Raikar’s song.”

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