Taimur prefers football while Ibrahim is good at cricket informs Saif Ali Khan | Hindi Movie News

Cricket is Saif Ali Khan’s family sport. Saif’s father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was a legendary cricketer. Saif too wanted to be a professional cricketer. But he was just not good enough.
Interestingly, his son Taimur is a football fan. Saif confirms that Taimur is far more keen on football than cricket.
Saif himself tried playing some football in his younger days.“I tried to be a centreforward. But I was not very good at it. I was a decent rightback and did well as a goalkeeper. I loved diving about.” And now Taimur is the budding footballer of the family.
Interestingly, Saif’s elder son Ibrahim has taken after his illustrious grandfather. “He plays cricket very well and is generally very sporty,” informs Saif proudly.

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