Rajkumar Hirani sir always asked me to do more Hindi films: Priya Bapat- Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Priya Bapat who essayed the role of Poornima Gaekwad in Nagesh Kukunoor’s City Of Dreams is getting a lot of appreciation for her portrayal of an upstart politician. She held her own against actors like Sachin Pilgoankar and Atul Kulkarni. But does playing a politician have any impact on her political standing? She states, “I dont know if my attitude has changed.The show hasn’t had any impact on my political views. I am playing a politician, it doesn’t mean that I have to understand how a politician works. I just need to adapt the body language of the character.”
She also added that, “I don’t have any interest in politics and I’m also not the kind who wants to gather a lot of information. But I also feel that politics is always around you and you live in society, so you cannot avoid it. I will have my opinions but I keep it to myself. I don’t feel it is necessary to share them with everyone.”
Not many are aware that Priya has also appeared in both the Munnabhai films (In Munnabhai MBBS she played an aspiring doctor, while in Lage Raho Munnabhai she plays the girl who goes to meet a prospective suitor at a restaurant). She mentions that people till date spot her and ask her if she was in the Munnabhai film. She adds, “It happens all the time, it has been my identity for the longest time. But I am glad that it is shifting now.” Priya is now recognized as the Munnabhai girl who has played a part in City Of Dreams.
Talking about Munnabhai, she also reveals that she met up with Rajkumar Hirani recently and every time she meets him, she goes up to him and introduces herself. Hirani’s reaction is always the same. He tells Priya that he remembers her well. She also shares, “It was Raju sir who told me to do more Hindi films. In our last meeting I proudly told him that now I am doing more work in Hindi.”

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