Mini Mathur shares old photos: friends call her Madhubala Mathur | Hindi Movie News

It’s a common occurrence among friends to playfully compare each other to famous actors or actresses. However, what if someone actually resembles a legendary figure? Television host and actor Mini Mathur recently found herself being compared to none other than Madhubala when she shared a few photos from her younger days.
Some time ago, Minitook to her Instagram and shared a couple of black and white photos of herself.In her caption, she wrote, “A couple of photographs rediscovered amidst spring cleaning that remind me of the gentle, trusting, easily pleased me with a heart full of hope… a believer of possibilities. Meh. I’m certainly more fun now.”

The reactions to her images were anything but calm, with friends and fans alike expressing their excitement. Her friend Cyrus Sahukar wrote, “Madhubala Mathur!” Filmmaker and Mini Mathur’s best friend Karishma Kohli exclaimed, “Fully Madhubala… Gosh, how come I never saw that… Beauty min min.” Model Sheetal Menon complimented her saying, “You beauty Madhubala.”
In her caption, Mini also provided some details about the two pictures. She wrote, “Photo 1: Shot by @suvodas22 after we had finished a campaign shoot (I know because one eye is small out of exhaustion). I was taking off my makeup and he said hold it… the light is lovely. Photo 2: My very first professionally taken picture by Bonnie Hazuria. I didn’t know how to pose, wore a top that belonged to my cousin @preetiendlaw… didn’t even blow dry my hair despite a ridiculous perm but got a ton of modeling campaigns after these went out.”

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