Maniesh Paul undergoes massive body transformation for his debut web series Rafuchakkar | Hindi Movie News

Television host turned actor Maniesh Paul has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation for his debut web series Rafuchakkar. He gained 10 kgs and then lost 15 kgs, all in around four months.
The show’s trailer offered a few glimpses of Maniesh’s varied avatars. While one of his looks required him to gain weight to resemble a pot-bellied plump middle aged man, another look portrayed him as a ripped body builder.
To look for the part, Maniesh followed a rigorous workout regime and diet to gain and lose weight effectively in four months. In order to gain 10 kgs, Maniesh hogged on food for two months. Post that, it took strenuous two and a half months to build muscles and a ripped body.Maniesh Paul shared, “I have always been a fitness enthusiast, although not a gym freak but I have been working for a healthy body. However, Rafuchakkar put me on a roller coaster ride of physical transformation. As I play a con-artist, I have five different looks and avatars. Shedding my fit-healthy body for one of the looks as Pawan Kumar Bawariya, I had to resemble an ordinary middle class and middle aged guy with a paunch, for which I gained 10 kgs. For another look, I had to lose weight as well as gain muscles to play a gym trainer. As I had just finished Jugjugg Jeeyo, I had hardly four months to do these drastic changes.”
Rafuchakkar will start streaming from June 15.

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