Kangana on Avneet Kaur: ‘Focused on bringing talent, outsiders into the film industry’ | Hindi Movie News

Actress-filmmaker Kangana Ranaut has talked about casting a fresh face like Avneet Kaur in her upcoming production ‘Tiku Weds Sheru’. She said that she is focusing on genuinely bringing talent and outsiders into the film industry.
When asked Kangana Ranaut on launching an outsider and newcomer like Avneet Kaur, she said “Yes I’am launching a newcomer but as a producer I’am not focusing on capitalism, I’m focusing on genuinely bringing talent and outsiders into the film industry.”
“Yes, I want to work with Avneet Kaur again but I haven’t done any three film contract which is a very common practice with any newcomers, and to take up a huge percentage of their brands, events and films for the rest of their life”.
Kangana mentioned that she doesn’t want them to bow down and come to her or control their life.
“There is no such thing like who she should date or what she should wear or work with”.
She further said “I want to stop this because all such practices have made industry a very negative place.”
On launching Avneet, Kangana said: “She has all my love and blessings and is completely free to follow her dreams. Also in future whoever I launch, will never ever try to control their lives and career.”
Nawazzuddin Shaikh and Avneet Kaur will be collaborating for the first time on the quirky love story ‘Tiku Weds Sheru’.
The movie, which will debut on Prime Video, is supported by Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika Films.

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