Jaya Prada, who has played Sita three times says, “Every woman today needs to imbibe the qualities of Sita Maa” | Hindi Movie News

The beautiful Jaya Prada has played Sita not once but thrice. “That’s right,” she laughs. “I played Sita in Bapu’s Telugu film Sita Kalyanam and in another Telugu film Sita Ram Vanvasamu. Then again in the Hindi-Bengali bilingual Lav-Kush I was Sita to Jeetendraji’s Rama.”
So how does it feel to play Sita Maathrice? “I feel blessed. To be chosen not once but thrice must mean something.I feel one has to have a dignified public image to play Hindu gods. Nowadays of course the moral values and the definition of dignity are different. But I am so glad to seePrabhas and Kriti Sanon being given the honour of playing Rama and Sita in Adipurush. Every generation must have its own heroes.”
Jaya is all praise for Prabhas. “In cinemas, in Andhra they are worshipping him like a God. It comes from his clean dignified image.” Jaya is only unhappy about the new screen Hanuman. “I feel the character of Hanuman in Adipurush should have been projected more powerfully . Hanuman is such a dynamic and charismatic character. We don’t feel these qualities. The actor who played Hanuman in Sita Kalyanam left a lasting impact.”
Jaya looks back at her stints as Sita Maa with much joy. “In Bapu’s film I played not only Sita but also Laxmi. That’s right, two Goddesses! It was a responsibility. But then I’ve always maintained decorum in my public content.”

In 1983, Jaya Prada played Sita in Hindi Lav-Kush. “It was a memorable experience, made more memorable by Lata Mangeshkar’s beautiful songs. I still remember her lovely songs that made my Sita look even more graceful. The film was a Hindi/Bengali bi-lingual directed by a very learned Telugu director V. Madhusudhana Rao. I feel the film went unnoticed because it wasn’t marketed properly. Even if released today Lav-Kush would be a hit.”
What made Lav-Kush even more memorable was the actor who played Laxman. Says Jaya, “Arun Govil ji who has immortalized himself as Rama (in Ramanand Sagar’s television serial) played Laxman in Lav-Kush.”
Having played Sita Maa three times, Jaya feels a deep affinity to the character. “One cannot play a goddess as deep and resonant as Sita Maa without being affected. I feel every woman today needs to imbibe the qualities of Sita Maa. She was at the same time deeply traditional and uniquely modern in her outlook. I hope I have some of her qualities.”

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