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In 2020, Kangana Ranaut had said in a interview that when she was having a spat with Hrithik Roshan, Javed Akhtar called her to his house and asked her to apologise to Hrithik. In 2016, Roshan had filed a lawsuit against Kangana seeking an apology after a public spat regarding a statement about their alleged relationship. Kangana had said that, Javed told her to apologise because Rakesh Roshanand family are big people, and she would be nowhere if she doesn’t say sorry.Moreover, she will be put in jail and a path of destruction which would lead her to commit suicide.
Kangana said that Javed Akhtar shouted at her and she was shivering in his house. Javed filed a defamation case against Kangana after she made these statements.
Now as per a latest report, Javed has given a statement at the Andheri metropolitan magistrate court on Tuesday regarding what exactly happened when Kangana came to his house. The veteran writer said that he didn’t know Kangana at all but they had a common friend, Dr Ramesh Agarwal who wanted to advice Kangana. Javed said in the court, “It is true that I did not know Kangana and I have nothing do with the ongoing controversy with Hrithik. But Kangana was called by Dr Agarwal who had a close relationship with her. He could call her and insist on her to meet.”
In the court, Javed was asked if Kangana and her sister came obediently to his house. He responded, “You expect obedience from Kangana, it is not called obedience, but possibility for something… some kind of a solution. Physical reality is they came to my house, but obedience is a notion only in mind. I had told her about the agenda of the meeting on call. Didn’t call her to discuss the weather, political situation or America election in 2016”
The writer further told the court that whatever Kangana has said is nothing but a lie.

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