Film editor Bina Paul calls The Kerala Story a factually wrong film which has no cinematic value, feels proud that Keralites rejected it | Hindi Movie News

The Kerala Story has been making a lot of noise across the country ever since its release on May 5. Though several politicians have openly supported the film, a few celebrities like Kamal Haasan, Anurag Kashyap and Naseeruddin Shah didn’t shy away from calling the Sudipto Sen directorial a propaganda film. And now film editor Bina Paul has called the Adah Sharma starrer a factually wrong film which has no cinematic value.
Sharing her perspective on The Kerala Story, Bina told a news portal that she is really upset about the fact that this film got so much mileage unnecessarily. It would have died a natural death if nobody had talked about it.
She said that in this kind of atmosphere of impunity today, anyone can say completely factually wrong stuff and they are being protected. She mentioned that the director had to change the film’s trailer because of the misrepresentation of the facts and nobody talked about that.

She feels very saddened because there was no reason for a factually wrong film to hit the headlines and do well at the box office. She said that though she hasn’t seen the film but she has heard it is factually wrong and the film does not have any cinematic value. “But, perhaps it’s a narrative that feeds on certain people’s wish for this country,” she quipped.
However, Bina feels proud of the people of Kerala that they outright rejected The Kerala Story, which is the reason why the film didn’t do well in Malayalam. She said that at the same time, 2018 broke all records and the film is exactly the opposite of the narrative which is community building.

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