Exclusive: Kriti Sanon on how she transformed into Janaki for Adipurush | Hindi Movie News

Kriti Sanon will be seen playing the role of Janaki in Adipurush, which releases tomorrow. The film depicts Indian epic Ramayana on the big screen. For one of the biggest roles of her career, where she essays Sita Maa, which is worshipped by millions, the actress underwent quite a transformation where she undertook extensive workshops and had long discussions with the director of the film, Om Raut.
She says, “Om has possibly read everything available on Ramayana and had a clear vision about the project. The transformation into Janaki was not just about the physical aspects, but also about internalising the essence of the character. It took a considerable amount of time and effort to immerse myself in Janaki’s persona, to understand her emotional journey, her virtues and to bring her to life on screen. It was a meticulous process that involved rehearsals, multiple sittings not only on the look and attire but also understanding the historical and mythological context of the character.”

Portraying her part came with a tremendous amount of pressure and responsibility, says Kriti, adding, “As a figure deeply revered and worshipped by millions, there is an inherent expectation to portray her with utmost respect and authenticity. Understanding her significance in the hearts and minds of people, I have approached this role with great care and diligence along with a lot of love and respect in my heart. Every aspect of her character, from her pure loving heart to her virtues to her unwavering strength to her immense faith in Lord Ram – understanding Janaki has been a beautiful journey.”

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