May 20, 2024

Dharmendra TALKS about grandson Karan Deol’s Wedding: “He first told his mom about Drisha, who told Sunny, who told me”- Super Exclusive | Hindi Movie News



Dharmendra is a very low-profile man and this man is the most ideal candidate of kindness, respect and dignity. The legend’s Juhu bungalow had started getting decked up for his grandson Karan Deol‘s upcoming wedding (June 16-18) to Bimal Roy‘s granddaughter Drisha Acharya and we ETimes were the FIRST to bring you not just a report but even a picture depicting the decoration.
This afternoon, we spoke to Dharmendra. He sounded very happy and excited and said, “A marriage in the family after a long time.”

Switching over to talk about his grandson, Sunny Deol‘s elder son, Karan Deol’s D-day, Dharmendra said, “Karan is a very good boy. He is a very caring person. Bahut acha lag raha hai that he has found his partner.”

When asked how he learned about Karan and Drisha’s love, Dharmendra said, “Pata toh chal jata hai. Lekin haan, he first told his mother (Sunny’s wife Pooja Deol) who then told Sunny, who then told me.”

And what did he tell them? Dharmendra replied, “I said ‘Go ahead if Karan likes her’. Then, I met Drisha. The meeting happened at my house. She is a very sensible and pretty girl. And, she comes from an illustrious family.”
“I am very happy for Karan and Drisha. They have all my blessings. I welcome the new addition to the Deol family,” Dharmendra signed off.
The reception is slated for June 18 at Mumbai’s Taj Land’s End in Bandra. Expect almost the entire Bollywood out there in attendance.


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