We’re not in competition with ‘The Kashmir Files’, says ‘The Kerala Story’ producer Vipul Shah | Hindi Movie News

There are box office reports about the summer sensation ‘The Kerala Story‘, which has already made over Rs 140 crores, crossing the lifetime collections of Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files‘.
However producer Vipul Shah feels such comparisons are uncalled for. “No doubt Vivek’s film showed phenomenal numbers. But he didn’t anticipate these numbers, nor did he make the film for the profits. He had a story to tell and he wanted the audience to share that story. We too had a story to tell. ‘The Kerala Story’ has now gone far and wide. And that’s what makes us happy.”
As for the profits Vipul says they do not excite him. “As a producer or as a director I’ve never run after money. I am very happy with what God has given me: a beautiful family and the resources to make the films that I want to.”
Vipul also makes it clear that he won’t be making films like ‘The Kerala Story’ just because it has clicked. “Please don’t expect me to do a series of such films. This is not what we intended. Just because ‘The Kerala Story’ has worked it can’t be a formula.”

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