April 15, 2024

Throwback: When Aamir Khan had resolved not to work with Kajol, but then Fanaa happened | Hindi Movie News


Fanaa, which released on this day in 2006, gave us the rare pleasure of watching Aamir Khan and Kajol together. Aamir played a closeted terrorist, moonlighting as a tourist guide. Kajol played a blind girl who is too blind to see the truth about the man she loves.

Rishi Kapoor, who played Kajol’s father had grumbled goodnaturedly in a past interview, “Not again! Every time I am cast with her, why do I have to play Kajol’s father? I’ve played the romantic lead with other heroines of her generation like Tabu and Manisha Koirala. In Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi also I was her father. She had a double role in that.So technically I’ve played her father three times.”
It was Aamir who had seemed not too happy about working with Kajol prior to Fanaa. This was in 1997, and the film was Indra Kumar’s comedy Ishq, nine years prior to Fanaa. In a sensational interview after the release of Ishq, Aamir had described Kajol as “badly behaved” and had declared he would never work with her again.
Just goes to show that in show business, never say, never again.
In 2006 Aamir agreed to do Fanaa with Kajol on the behest of director Kunal Kohli who was working with both the actors for the first time. The only problem was the shooting in Kashmir, which had to be relocated to Poland, as Kajol, apparently, didn’t want to shoot in Kashmir.

Looking back, it seems highly unlikely that Aamir Khan would have played a Kashmiri insurgent if the role was offered to him now, political sensitivity being what it is in this country.

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