Simi Garewal replies to netizens who criticised her for putting up an old interview clip of Mahesh Bhupati with his first wife | Hindi Movie News

Actress Simi Garewal is largely remembered for her chat show, ‘Rendezvous With Simi Garewal‘ and her signature white attires. Simi also keeps sharing major throwback clips from the show whose first season had aired in 2001.
A few days back, Simi dropped a clip from her old interview with Mahesh Bhupati and his ex wife Shvetha Jaishankar. Simi had shared this video to make a point that one can find their soulmates at any given time and will finally be happy. She shared the video with a caption, “This rendezvous with Mahesh & Shvetha was in the first year of their marriage. Both lovely people who couldn’t carry through in the end…A day after Mahesh married Lara Dutta, Shvetha tied the knot with Chennai businessman Raghu Kailas.”
She further added, “The journey to find your soul mate is not always easy. But now both couples have found their life partners.. & their happiness..”
Netizens criticised Simi for sharing this video when both Mahesh and Shvetha have moved on in their life. One user wrote, “Shouldn’t be putting lows of someone’s life out there.. they have long moved on,why to touch those strings?” Another one said, “Why would such a seasoned personality like you cite an example out of individuals who have ceased to be a couple long back and have new partners. This post for once is a false start on your IG page, Mam. @simigarewalofficial”
Simi has finally responded to this criticism. She replied to one of the comments and said, “Thank you. I appreciate your post. People are so quick to judge without even reading the entire post! These are real life stories…We gain from learning about human experiences..(with happy endings).”
Many fans also commented on the post and said they miss this show and want it back! Mahesh and Shvetha got divorced in 2009 while he tied the knot to Lara Dutta in 2011.

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