April 15, 2024

Shreyas Talpade: Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty are pranksters who are always on the prowl on the sets of ‘Golmaal’ – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News


Rohit Shetty’s ‘Golmaal’ series has an ardent fan following that eagerly waits every year for the next instalment of the comic caper. After ‘Golmaal Again’ in 2017, the filmmaker dropped a hint about the next part of the popular film through the ‘Aankh Maarey’ song from his film, ‘Simmba’. ETimes recently got in touch with Shreyas Talpade who spilled the beans on Golmaal 5, his fondest memories in the set and his bond with his co-stars. Excerpts…
Fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Golmaal 5’. What can the audience expect different this time around?
To be very honest, not only the fans, even we are eagerly waiting for ‘Golmaal 5’. Just before the pandemic hit us, Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn had announced that we would be doing the next installment of Golmaal. However, unfortunately, COVID happened and then things changed. So to be very honest, we are not aware of what the story is. Only Rohit is aware of it. So once he calls us and tells us, we’ll be able to talk more about it. But yes, like the fans, we are also eagerly waiting for ‘Golmaal 5’.


What are your fondest memories associated with the Golmaal series?
Well, there’s not one, there are many such fond memories. Right from the day I was called for ‘Golmaal Returns’ and narrated that particular character which was loved by everyone till we shot ‘Golmaal Again’. Every day was a party and a picnic on the sets of ‘Golmaal’. We have to credit our captain Rohit Shetty for the same because the atmosphere on his sets is always lively and fun. People joke around, sing, dance and at the same time when it is time to work, we do it sincerely. Our all off screen chemistry translates on screen and that is what the audience love about the characters, about the story and about the franchise as well. So there are a lot of fond memories associated with Golmaal. I read somewhere that Rohit said as long as he makes films, he will continue to make Golmaal. So similarly, as long as we are here in this industry, we want Rohit to keep on making Golmaal movies because it is extremely refreshing to be on that set and meet all the lovely friends.

Whom do you bond with the most amongst Ajay Devgn, Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Kemmu and Arshad Warsi?
I think the bonding is with everyone, not only Ajay bhai, Tushar, Kunal or Arshad but even with Johnny Lever bhai, Sanjay Mishra bhai, Vrajesh Hirji and others. So the bonding is not only among actors but even the technicians, spot dadas and the assistant directors. Everyone is one huge. It might sound very cliché but everyone here is like family. We are always pulling each other’s legs, cracking jokes, so all of those things keep happening. You have to be completely alert and on your toes because you never know, you might be the next Bakra if you are a complicit for even a slightest bit, considering two of the biggest pranksters Ajay bhai and Rohit are always on the prowl. So yes, I think the bonding of the entire unit is very evident when we shoot a film like Golmaal and again thanks to our captain for making that possible.

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