April 19, 2024

Pooja Chopra & her Mom BREAK DOWN: “Daddy didn’t want her ‘coz he wanted a male child!” – Exclusive Interview | Hindi Movie News



Former Miss India Pooja Chopra and her mom Mrs Neera Chopra have something to tell you that will make you clench your fist in anger and eyes moist with tears. In what can be termed as one of the saddest tales, Pooja and Mrs Neera Chopra break down to outline their sorrow, which they had to endure for nearly 24 years after Pooja was born.
Their breadwinner, Mr Chopra, went out of their life as the respectable Mrs Chopra decided to walk out on him because he did NOT want a daughter as their second child. The man in question was not happy even when their first child was a daughter, whom they had named Shubhra.

Pooja Chopra & Her Mom BREAK DOWN: “Daddy didn’t want her ‘coz she is NOT a male!” | EXCLUSIVE

Mrs Chopra also alleges that her husband brought a woman home to her and told her that if their second baby was not a male, he would marry that woman.
Mrs Chopra had no support, at first her mother was not happy that she had come back to her and worse still, her mother-in-law had indirectly told her to go away.

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And then, when Pooja won the Miss India crown, the mother and daughter say that a large section of their family wanted credit for that and wanted to hog the limelight, especially their mother’s sister with whom they stayed while they grew up- but the entire funds to raise them came from their mother, who had started earning for her kids and herself.


Pooja won the title of Femina Miss India World 2009. She is the first Indian to win the “Beauty with a Purpose” title at the Miss World competition for India. Pooja also won Miss Perfect 10, Miss Catwalk and Miss Beautiful Smile.
Today, both Pooja and Shubhra are doing well. Shubhra has a very good job in State Bank Of India (SBI) and Pooja has the Femina Miss India crown and films to her credit.


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