May 29, 2023

Actor Neha Sharma, soon to be seen in the comedy Jogira Sara Ra Ra, opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui, recently opened up on the ‘influencer culture’ and how the talent of a person is simply gauged by how many million followers he or she has on Instagram.

In an interview to a leading publication, Neha revealed that interestingly, she also bagged Jogira Sara Ra Ra through a reel she had posted, that was noticed by casting director Jogi. However, Neha was quick to clarify that this was an exception. She also narrated an incident where she had gone for multiple readings for a role and when she finally heard back from the makers, she was told that the project had gone to someone else. Neha then quizzed about the acting credentials of that person, only to receive the answer that it does not matter, since the said person had 30-40 million followers.
Neha also confessed that initially, she used to get ‘hurt’ by all this, but has now come to accept that this in fact, could very well be the new norm. However, she is quick to express her doubts on the culture and reveals that it might not be sustainable in the long run. She further says that eventually, filmmakers will realise that for an acting role, only an actor will fit the box and not an influencer.

Neha too, is quite active on Instagram and enjoys 15 million+ followers.
Jogira Sara Ra Ra, directed by Kushan Nandy will hit theatres next week.

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