May 17, 2024

‘Kennedy’ star Sunny Leone says she will be ‘forever grateful to Anurag Kashyap’ as she speaks about her Cannes debut | Hindi Movie News



Sunny Leone made her debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival as her film, ‘Kennedy‘ premiered at the event as a part of the Midnight Screening section.
Sharing her experience, Sunny told a news portal that for her, it is unbelievable in every single way and exciting at the same time. When asked if she ever anticipated this, the actress said absolutely not. According to her, she has had some crazy ups and downs in her life but Anurag Kashyap picking up the phone and telling her that she will be as good as Charlie, changed everything. And for this she will forever be grateful to him.

Talking to us about how she prepared for her role Sunny shared that we all know people who hide behind their laugh and smile. Who makes you feel like everything is fine whereas they are breaking inside. She could relate to this and that is why she understood her character. According to her, after everything that has happened to her in the last 10 years, the judgments and comments… people see her as someone who is super confident, who is not insecure and who doesn’t feel bad about trolls. However, the actress feels that they forget she is human too and those things affect her.

Sunny concluded by saying that it’s a moment she wants to cherish. As for the future, she can’t change the way the industry is and start knocking on doors and ask people to work with her. According to her, it is going to happen like it’s supposed to happen.


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