April 15, 2024

Kailash Kher lashes out at event organisers for cutting short his live performance: ‘Tameez seekho, hoshiyari jhaad rahe ho’ | Hindi Movie News


Singer Kailash Kher recently lost his cool at event organisers after his live stage performance was reportedly cut short at the BBD University in Lucknow on Thursday. He looked pretty upset with mismanagement at the venue and was seen giving an earful to the organisers.
Lashing out at those in charge in viral videos, Kailash was heard saying, “Tameez seekho. Hoshiyari jhaad rahe ho.” The singer then told the organisers that he was made to wait for an hour and if our own people will not respect and understand the significance of this particular event, then how will people in abroad be happy.
“Learn some manners. Trying to act smart, you don’t even know how to do your job. If I start talking about it, just leave it,” Kailash added.

In another video, Kailash was heard telling the authorities that he should atleast be given 1-1.5 hours on stage once he has been called to perform. He said that if such things are disorganised and not taken care of, then things will continue to be wrong.
He further added that he has been gasping for breath but still he is dancing and singing. He tried to knock some sense into organisers and said that they should at least see that someone is so mad in performing and there is no need to hustle with him.
“I am your own. I have come after much struggle amid saints. I am no filmy singer. I live for my country and will die for my country,” the singer was heard saying in the viral video.

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