Juhi Chawla says her daughter Jahnavi is different from other star kids; reveals she is very much into cricket | Hindi Movie News

Juhi Chawla recently opened up about her daughter Jahnavi Mehta who graduated from the prestigious Columbia University.
At the time when most of the star kids are vying to make it big in Bollywood, Juhi revealed that her daughter has consciously stayed away from the limelight. According to the actress, her daughter is a brilliant kid with praiseworthy academic records.

Elaborating further, Juhi added that Jahnavi is very much into cricket. According to her, Jahnavi lights up when she talks about cricket – players and the nitty-gritty of the sport. Sometimes the actress wonders where all this knowledge comes from as she finds it very surprising. However, Juhi feels this is what she has chosen for herself, so she can’t really take the credit for it. It all comes rather organically to her.

Juhi also went on to add that her daughter is different from the star kids who are trying to be on the screen as actors. She feels that there is a lot of pressure on them to be successful. And then there is the scrutiny on social media that they have to deal with.

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