May 17, 2024

“I don’t want any mother to go through what I have,” Zarina Wahab | Hindi Movie News



Zarina Wahab is the most relieved and thankful mother in the universe right now. Her son, Sooraj, was acquitted on April 28 of all charges of abetment related to the tragic death of actress Jiah Khan almost ten years ago.
“The smile is back on my son’s face.We feel like a normal family again. Otherwise for ten years we suffered all the lies, in the belief that justice will finally prevail, and it did! But what about all those mothers whose sons are locked away after a failed relationship? My heart reaches out to them. No mother should suffer the way I have,” says Zarina, who now wants to just enjoy the family’s freedom from the threat hovering over Sooraj’s head.

“It is not possible for a family to lead a normal life when their child is an undertrial for no fault of his. What wrong did my son do that he had to be punished for ten years? We just want to be left alone now. We want to feel like a normal family after ten years,” Zarina.
A fabulous cook Zarina loves to put together meals for family and guests. She now wants to make her son’s favourite dishes. “He hasn’t eaten properly for ten years. He will now live his life again.”


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