April 19, 2024

(Cannes special) Aditi Rao Hydari: One day, I want to walk the red carpet in flip-flops | Hindi Movie News



For her second appearance at Cannes, Aditi Rao Hydari has been channelling her inner modern-day princess. The actress spoke to Bombay Times from the French Riviera about her experience this time around.

Aditi Rao Hydari at Cannes

Aditi said, “It feels surreal to be at Cannes during the film festival, and though it’s my second time here, I am still new to this. The pressure can take over, but it’s important to have fun and celebrate. I was multitasking and shooting till the day I got on the flight. I was sleep deprived and had no time for fittings or any prep, but I have a great team, and we are winging it.”

Aditi Rao Hydari at Cannes

When asked if there were any faux pas from the past that she was particular about not repeating this time, she replied, “In other people’s eyes, we are always making mistakes, but we can’t live our life by what others think about us. We have to be truthful to ourselves and our intentions. We need to celebrate life and be happy. The only thing I have control over is intent, and like last year, this year too, my intention was to just be authentic about what I was wearing, enjoy the red carpet and not feel daunted by the massive expectations of the ‘Cannes red carpet’.”
The L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador says, “I don’t want to live by other people’s standards of beauty. To me, it is about upholding your self-respect, pride and dignity and empowering yourself and other women.”

Aditi Rao Hydari at Cannes

She adds, “The prep was so stressful last year…like which designer are you getting, how big is he/she, what colour is your gown? I was a bundle of nerves and so was my team. At some point, we all got in a team huddle after we landed in Cannes. We got a coffee and decided to stop stressing ourselves and take it as it comes. That was a good learning lesson. This year, the lead up to Cannes was calmer. In fact, I am talking to you on my way from Zurich to Nice, and we are heading to the same coffee shop in Cannes to start our day and the fest.”

Aditi Rao Hydari and Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes

While the red carpet and dress code for women is debated each year, Aditi is most impressed by Jlaw and her buoyancy. She says, “I saw Jennifer Lawrence in flip flops on the red carpet and it reminded me of what I said in 2012. I had just started off and was doing various events for my film ‘London Paris New York’. I was wobbly and tripping while walking in heels as under the carpet there were cobblestones. I decided one day I will walk the red carpet in sneakers or flip flops. Seeing her actually do that made my heart happy. I want do it, too!”


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